The MAK is one of 12 festival´s locations and a great design inspiration for interior design, especially furniture, ceramics, textiles and architecture.

The MAK is a museum and space of experimentation for applied arts at the interface of design, architecture, and contemporary art located in Stubenring 5 (1010 Vienna) just next to die angewandte (University of Applied Arts Vienna). Overwhelmed by the combination of both locations and the curiosity for discovering the people walking around there, I took my camera - and as a hunter - I photographed the most interesting species.

Having a first look at the website of the MAK before my expedition, I read an interesting information: Free admissions on tuesday from 6-10p.m. “Even cooler then!”, I thought, so around 2pm I was already in front of the door to have my job done by 6pm. The grey weather + the wind didn’t support me so much, and not so many people were then passing by. Pretty bored I started to count how many people were wearing a grey or black oversized coat and how many people were wearing a colorful one; the result: 26 grey or black versus just 4 colorful…. Suddenly and just after writing down my counting results, a guy with a really cool Neighborhood green-safari jacket and colorful Air Max 1 Nike shoes was passing by in front of me, and as a kangaroo I jumped from my bank and ran after him: “Hallo” I said, “I have no money!”, he answered…… ugh!!!!!?????????? “I don’t want money”, I replied with a big smile… “I don’t have cigarettes neither! Have you?”, he said again…. ” mmmmmmm…… “No, I just want to take a picture of you for the blog of 12 festival!”, I tried again…. and with a really unfriendly face he run away…. All and all I have some more weird stories like that, and I have to say, that the best and coolest dressed were always the most honest and nice ones, replying: “A picture of me? why?” BECAUSE WE LOVE YOUR OUTFITS! thanks!